Weighted Cozy Quilt


Grandma's Cozy Quilt is a weighted blanket that gives you a hug every time!

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Lap 36in x 40in 4lb 6lb 8lb
Junior 40in x 52in 6lb 9lb 12lb
Adult 52in x 72in






How does Grandma make her weighted Cozy Quilts?

She uses rounded glass pellets. They resemble grains of sand and are sewn into the blanket within strong stitched rectangular pockets, mixed with polyester fibrefill batting. The weight remains very evenly distributed, even when the blanket is being folded, or turned over. She thinks that glass is preferable to the plastic poly pellets used by others and it is completely non-toxic.


We offer 3 sizes 'Lap', 'Junior', and 'Adult'. For each size, you can order our standard weight or choose an extra heavy or a light option. You should choose a weight that is 10% or less than your body weight!


Right now all Cozy Quilts are made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. At this time we are only able to ship to addresses in BC. We hope to expand this to the rest of Canada in the near future.